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With our experienced team and years of experience in establishing concept stores, we are proud to bring together more than 400 different products with consumers. We are here to share this pride with those who want to be the boss of their own business and to provide advantages with the franchise model, one of the best investment forms in the world.

Leading Position
in the Sector

With more than 70 years of experience, Bargello, leading the fragrance industry in Turkey, aims to expand its franchise network with innovative approaches in the field.

Strong International
Supplier Network

Offering franchise opportunities globally, our brand ensures that each product becomes accessible in more than one point of the world by providing a wide supplier network.

Product Range

Leading the fragrance industry with more than 400 stores, Bargello offers a wide range of products to users with fragrance families and special series.

Advantages of Bargello Investment

Continuing to serve in locations where safe shopping and entertainment are together, our brand is located in busy locations with high sales potential, which usually come to mind when it comes to shopping. Carrying on growing every day with its modern store decoration and strong team, the Bargello family supports everyone who wants to be their own boss throughout the process and ensures a more efficient sales period.

Reflecting the simple, high quality, remarkable and elegant Bargello style in decoration and packaging design, our brand manages to be in the targeted position on a global scale. This success brings with it reaching the targeted figures in a shorter time, banding users together with quality content and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Including products that can appeal to the taste of every user in its stores, Bargello continues to gain the appreciation of customers with its easy-to-use, stylish and environmentally friendly products. You can also join us to take part in the growing Bargello family that reaches all over the world with new production technologies.

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